Welcome to Mud Trotters

This is not a travel blog. Mud Trotters is the Swiss Army knife of travel planning (or at least tis toothpick), a treasure chest full of travel reports, resources and tips. 

You won’t find a detailed recount of every stop in our itineraries, but :

  • a collection of reports on the most interesting, unmissable and sometimes unusual experiences from our trips
  • maps – we love maps! ❤️
  • info on how we plan our adventures
  • the unexpected but so useful gear we discovered while traveling
  • a tips section regarding travel food

Go ahead and help yourself; and don’t hesitate to pick a piece for your next trip’s puzzle! 

To find out more about us and this project, click here.

Our canoe in Green River

Resources and Tips

Gearing up

From avoiding a heatstroke, to peeing on a safari with lions looking at you, to packing all our camera gear. Some things we learned about gearing up for our trips!

Getting prepared

Some of the things we wished we had known before our adventures, and how we leave room (when possible!) for improvisation.

Eating and snacking

Rough traveling shouldn't mean starving, nor tasteless meals!

Why MT ?

We decided to start this website to add a piece to the puzzle for those who are in the same traveling spirit and experiences as us.

Because planning a trips is always a challenge, and takes up quite a lot of time if you plan everything by yourself. None of it could possible without drawing information from books, websites, blogs and other travelers’ journey reports. 

We hope that Mud Trotters will become one of these resources for you too!