This is not a travel blog!

It’s our motto.

We like to think at our platform Mud Trotters as the Swiss Army knife of travel planning (or at least tis toothpick), a treasure chest full of travel reports, resources and tips.

You won’t find a detailed recount of every stop in our itineraries, but :

  • a collection of reports on the most interesting, unmissable and sometimes unusual experiences from our trips
  • maps – we love maps! ❤️
  • info on how we plan our adventures
  • the unexpected but so useful gear we discovered while traveling, plus tips we’ve learned along the way and how to make the best travel food
  • a tips section on how to experience travel destinations like locals do!

Wether you’re a relative, someone we encountered during one of our trips, or wether you randomly landed here thanks to the magic powers of keywords and search engines – whichever the reason you ended up here, we are glad you did! 

Go ahead and help yourself; and don’t hesitate to pick a piece for your next trip’s puzzle! 

Why did we decide to do it?

We decided to start this website to try to add a piece to the puzzle for those who are in the same traveling spirit and experiences as us.

Because planning a trips is always a challenge, and takes up quite a lot of time if you plan everything by yourself. None of it could possible without drawing information from books, websites, blogs and other travelers’ journey reports. 

We hope that Mud Trotters will become one of these resources for you too!

Why “Mud” Trotters ?

It comes from the first trip we did together. We revisited a “classic” 3-week road trip in the Western USA, adding in some adventure with a 3-day self-guided Canoe Trip in the Green River Canyon.

At one point Manu had to chose between getting covered in mud or letting our canoe capsize while we were disembarking…

We let you imagine what she chose ! 

About us

Manu was born in Italy in 1985. For her studies and work she has lived in Los Angeles, Rome, London and Milan. She’s been a traveler since she was a little girl, and has visited 32 Countries so far.

She loves reading (especially autobiographies and travel stories), the great outdoors, animals (especially felines) and documentaries. She actually has a graduate degree in filmmaking, and always brings her videocamera along to shoot and edit videos from all of her trips.

In emojis: 🇮🇹🥐👸🏼🎥📚😴🦊

Nivek was born in France in 1985, and now lives in Italy.
He fell in love with Africa during his first trip to South Africa and Lesotho in 2011. From then, he tried to take a break from the work craziness at least once a year, to discover new parts of the world or going on adventures close to home.

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