Caracal Eco Route

August 2019



210 Km

8 Hours


Riding the Caracal Eco Route is the best option to see the flowers in the desert in Southern Africa, so planning our trip we decided that Namaqua NP would be our first stop. 

 The Namaqua NP is composed of two different parts :

  • Northern Part with mountains and famous for its flowers
  • Southern Part with costal scenaries such as dunes, rough ocean, seal colony etc

The Caracal Eco Route cross these two parts, can be done from north to south, or south to north. And is supposed to be feasible in one day.

But we would recommend to do it WITH an overnight stop if you don’t want to have a clock in mind and enjoy all the different things that are explorables.

A good option seems to find a spot in Hondeklip baai, we saw sign on the road exiting the southern part.

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Like some other Parks in Southern Africa, it is recommended (and even mandatory) to drive a 4WD vehicle due to the presence of deep sands, mostly in the southern/costal part.

However, the difficulty of the track will mainly depend on the season you’re going through it. On our side, during this chilly winter, we didn’t encounter any difficulties at all.

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