Parks, Canoe and Solar Eclipse

August 2017



2800 Miles

25 Days

6 States

Westworld, that’s the nickname we picked to describe the first trip we did together. In a certain way it was a classic Western USA trip. We enriched with a nice 3-day canoe trip in the Green River Canyon (UT). And we didn’t miss the opportunity to witness the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse! Quite a challenge to enjoy it in complete solitude, as Americans had been preparing for it for years. But we made it!

The journey and the vessel

For this trip we rented a fully equipped Dodge Grand Caravan from Lost Campers.

Let’s say it barely did the job, and didn’t leave us with great memories.

Indeed, it had a lot of miles and broke (engine KO) at some point of the trip (had to wait 24h to get someone replace it). 

But it was “cheap” (compared to other know solutions such as Jucy , Escape Camper etc.), and it was the only solution available ! (as we booked quite late for an August trip)


Useful sites

🏕️ Recreation
The most useful site to get information about the parks and to book campsites

🛶 Moab Rafting and Canoe
The rental company we used for our canoe trip; you can also find various information about the area of Moab (UT) – more informations here

🌑 NASA Solar Eclipse site
We found a lot of information on the eclipse; still, very useful for anyone interested in these unusual events

Guides and maps

🗺️ Rand McNally
Full and large Road Atlas with large scale. A bit huge to travel with, but it’s worth it.

📍 Garmin GPS Map
We prefer “old school” traveling with paper maps, although the GPS one (City Navigator North America) was useful to prepare the trip with Garmin Basecamp

📚 As far as guides, for this trip we used the most famous ones (Lonely Planet, Bradt, etc)

Travel blogs

🇫🇷 RoadTrippin
French readers will find many useful information regarding the USA


Here are some of photos from this trip; you can click on one to enlarge it!

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